Princeville Homecoming Team

What does a surgeon, college basketball coach, IT geek/businessman, and farmer entrepreneur all have in common??

First and foremost they share a belief in Black Community and is the team putting on the Princeville Homecoming. When we're moving together we're far more stronger than moving separately.

We're doing our best to bring you the dopest weekend ever seen with this labor of love, with the determination to get as much right as we possibly can this first time around.

Lisa Nelson

Creative Director

Princeville Homecoming

Kendrick Ransom
Marquetta 'Q' Dickens


Freedom Org

Kevin Hicks

Executive Director

Triangle Bikeworks

Princeville Homecoming is more than a one time event for fun and fellowship. We are a movement.

Dedicated to healthy living, promoting cultural value, and giving economic opportunities for the people of Princeville and all Black people. We have a goal to utilize our events to enhance tourism, bring cultural and historical awareness in hopes to recruit more stakeholders and interest in being a part of our communities and events in the future.

The Black Farm Tour ride promotes health, exercise, and proper nutrition via cycling. While other events during the day looks to promote community engagement and spark interests in the community’s Historic richness that many African Americans unknowingly share.

TAKE OUR SURVEY – We want to know what you enjoy most from a bike ride event

TAKE OUR SURVEY – We want to know what you enjoy most from a bike ride event